Monday, February 6, 2012

1st Holiday since D

This Friday is Emmy's Valentine's party at school. This is our 1st holiday since the big D diagnoses. I feel very uneasy about it. The teacher told me they are having cookies in the morning for their snack, and ice cream sundae's with ALL the fixings that afternoon. YIKES! Can you say diabetic nightmare? My 1st thought was to keep her home that day, but that's not fair to her. We have to learn how to deal with these situations and let her be apart of things. It's just scary not know how many carbs she will actually be getting. I am used to reading labels and have that down pat. But guessing, is something I am not good at, yet. How many carbs are in a spoonful of crushed oreos?? humm?? How many carbs are in a spoonful of sprinkles, a few m&m's and a little dab of chocolate syrup?? I have no idea. The teacher told me I could go to the school during the snacks and monitor what she eats. We haven't dealt with her eating like this yet. We have been very strict with the 3 meals and 2 snacks (15 grams of carbs or less) a day and thats it. Live and learn, right? That's all we can do. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! My daughter was dx'd in November of her Kindergarten year, I've always gone down to the school on her party days and volunteered in the classroom. That way I can see what she eats, check BG's and dole out insulin. Sometimes I find out what they are having and I bring her own pre-measured things from home, or I guess. Here are my guesses, IceCream 1/2 cup 18-22carbs, 1 oreo (not double stuffed) is 8 carbs so either, crush one oreo at home and send in a baggie, or guess based on that or have teacher set aside one oreo for your daughter, 1 spoonful of sprinkles I'd guess 5-8 carbs find out if they are sprinkles or colored sugar crystals, or you could pre-weigh some of those at home too. Chocolate syrup, I think it's around 12 carbs per tablespoon. Send in a Tablespoon and measuring cup with her.

    Also, she'll probably be getting even more junk that day, talk with her ahead of time and make a plan with her, something like, you can have the cookie and the ice cream, but bring home all the other stuff you get and maybe you can have one thing with dinner that day and the rest you can save for later.

    And lastly, why not be the mom who volunteers to bring in carrot sticks instead of the junk.

    My 3rd grade daughter's class (non-D) is having a Heart Smart party for Valentine's day, they are bringing things like fruit, veggies, milk, and nuts for their party snacks. What a great idea! She did sign up to bring banannas and chocolate though, guess you gotta have a little sweet on Valentine's day :)

    I'm glad you are not making her stay home, D already takes away so much from our kids, it's good for us to let them have fun and experience school the way their peers do. Also, if/when she gets on a pump later, the parties and off-scheduale eating does seem to get a whole lot easier. Good luck. You guys can do this!

  2. I know it doesn't seem like it now, but you'll get to a point where you can look at a plate full of food and figure out the carbd within about 5g. It used to be that I wouldn't leave the house without a scale (we weigh Elise's food and use something called carb factors to figure out how many carbs are in something), but now if I forget it, we do pretty well.

    And if you do mess it up, just correct and move on! I'm sure you're doing a great job.