Saturday, March 3, 2012


E checked her blood glucouse (with very little assistance from me) for the first time 3 nights ago. I am proud and sad at the same time. I don't know which is worse, me pricking her finger or watching her do it to herself. No child should have to do this. It's just not fair. Is this something I should write in her baby book, like 1st step, 1st word, 1st tooth? I haven't even been able to write in her baby book anything about diabetes, yet. Something about writing it in there is so hard for me. I can blog about it, and talk about it all day, but writing it in her baby book is completely different. I guess, because everything else in the book is happy, sweet and cute.

She went to her first bday party last night, since the diagnoses, and had so much fun. She swam, and ate some cookie cake. But for some reason I was sad. I was worried the whole time that her numbers were going to be very low because of all the swimming, (but both times I checked her she was 108, then 109 yay!).  No parent should have to worry about that while they are watching their kid play and have fun. It just breaks my heart that she has to deal with this everyday. I HATE diabetes. I truely do. I HATE that so many kids have this disease hanging over their head, keeping them from being like their friends in everyway. I HATE that people are so dumb about diabetes and ask the dumbest questions and say the dumbest things. I HATE that people try to give me advice on how to cure her. I HATE that she has to be pricked and stuck to be kept alive. I HATE that when she feels bad or is moody we feel like we need to check her numbers.  I HATE it all.

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  1. We all hate it, life shouldn't be like this for our kids. I hate that when my daughter is acting like a stink I have to check her BG before I get after her. I hate that people are so stupid too, but I have a feeling that I was stupid like they were, before D came into the life of my family and I.