Thursday, January 26, 2012

1st doctor appt.

This is a picture of Emmy's door. She puts a sticker on it everytime she gets a finder prick or shot. This was after just 2 weeks.

Emmy had her follow up appt. today, from the hospital. I really like her dr. She is very down to earth and easy to talk to. She said that Emmy is doing good. We don't need to change anything right now. She is still in the honeymoon phase. I'm really dreading for that to be over. Hopefully, it will be a long time from now. I pray for a miracle that her pancreas won't cometely shut down. Emmy amazes me more and more everyday. She is handleing everthing so good. Thank God, she is so tough. She does have her moments when she says," I don't want to have diabetes. Landon is lucky, he doesn't have to get shots." That breaks my heart. We were chosen by the hospital as a miracle family for the children's miracle network. We did our interview for the radio, yesterday. I feel good helping the hospital. It's a fun opportunity for Emmy too. She is doing very good at PDO. Right before the diagnoses she was so moody and did not want to go. Now, she feels better and is enjoying going. Her teacher said she can tell a difference too. I go to her school and check her before lunch then give her a shot afterwards, if needed. All the other kids have a ton of questions, but it doesn't seem to affect Emmy.

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  1. Ask your DR for a copy of a book. It's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and it's about Coco, (a little girl monkey, Goofy's friend), she has Diabetes too. It's a cute little book and it might be fun for you to go read it to Emmy's class. I don't think the books are available to buy but most Endo's have them. I'm glad your girl is tough, it's sad that they have to be tough though. My daughter will say stuff about how here brother and sister are lucky they don't have shots and stuff too, or she'll say I wish I didn't have Diabetes, or Diabetes sucks. Breaks my heart too. But last night the tables were turned, Kortnie was having persistant lows, she had a juice box, then some chocolate, then another low and I asked her what she wanted to eat, her older sister was like "What! She gets another treat!?" I said, well she's low she needs something, you just be glad you don't have Diabetes. Then my son went to McDonald's with his grandma yesterday, got a happy meal with a juice box and was so proud of himself, because he doesn't get juice boxes at home, in our house, juice boxes are medicine.