Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back to PDO

For the first time since the diagnose, Brien and I almost forgot to give Emmy her long lasting insulin before bed last night. OMG! She was already in bed, when I remembered. On a good note, she slept in her OWN bed all night. YAY! This has been an on going battle for some time. Emmy went back to PDO today. I was very nervous. Since we are so new to this I want to check her and give the insulin. I volunteer at my sons school from 11:00-11:20. I went home to get all the things I needed to check Emmy and give her insulin if needed. (We had already counted all the carbs in her lunchbox the night before.) I get there with one test strip. I pricked her finger and didn't get enough blood on the strip so it read error. Ugh!! I go into panic mode. What do I do now??? Emmy says she wants to eat at school, so I rush home to get more strips. She sits there, starving, ( she can't eat until I check her) waiting on me. I get back check her, 165, she eats ever bit of her lunch, I give her a shot kiss her bye, and rush to the grocery store. Whew!! What a day. She seemed to have had a fun day despite the lunch ordeal.

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